“Freedom lies in being bold.” – Robert Frost

A big hello from your “liders de dia”: Julian and Clare! Today was a very special day considering it was finally our first free day! A free day consists of our Global Glimpse leaders, Marcos and Leslie, taking the day off and not coming to the fundacion. As glimpsers, we were allowed to go to the city or stay at the fundacion and do whatever we wanted to do. However, today was a special occasion because we had Marcos come with us as a group throughout the day, which was very fun.

At the beginning of the day, as leaders of the day, we woke up the boys and girls and had everyone get ready for breakfast. We had a very delicious breakfast, thanks to our amazing cook, and went up to the classroom to have a self-reflection for the previous day. During our self-reflection, we talked about our Immigration Day and what went on. Our self-reflection involves having the delegation write for 10 minutes, following guideline questions that are based off our specific theme and day. After writing for 10 minutes, the delegation splits up into different groups where we talk about what we saw and thought about the day to have a better insight and understanding for what we were taught and what we saw.

After our self-reflection, we were allowed to finally leave the fundacion on our own with a teacher or a Global Glimpse Ambassador. Two small groups of boys and girls went out to the city and decided to get haircuts, nails done and get shaved. They came back pampered with high spirits, ready for a delicious lunch.

After our filling lunch, everyone decided to take a trip into the city and do many different things for our free day. As a whole group, we walked to the city and went to a frozen yogurt store where we bought ice cream sundaes, sorbet, and popsicles. Since the weather is very humid and hot out, it was very refreshing.

Then a group of us decided to go to the basketball court that is placed right next to the park, which is located in the middle of the city, while another group decided to stay at the frozen yogurt store for a little longer. The girls watched the boys play full court basketball games and took pictures, while the boys sweated and played basketball with a few of the local boys. The girls later decided to go back to the yogurt store to get more water and then meet in the park to hang out for a little. The group that stayed at the yogurt store for a little longer decided to go to the grocery store and then go back to the fundacion.

After about 30 to 45 minutes of hanging out in the park, the group decided to go back to the basketball court where we took more pictures and watched the boys play one more game. When everyone was tired and done with the game, we decided to all head to the grocery store to buy more snacks and drinks to bring back to the fundacion.

After being completely satisfied with our purchases, different groups headed back to the fundacion at different times, but we all made it back in time for a delicious dinner.

With being leaders of the day for a free day, a lot of responsibility was given to us. We had to make sure everyone was focused and alert with his or her surroundings. We had to make sure that no one was left behind and that everyone was in groups of four, following the rules that were given to us the night before. We had to reiterate what everyone needed to do to make the day fun but also safe which was very helpful.

All in all, today was a very fun and exciting day that made everyone happy with positive attitudes. We as leaders of the day are very happy with the outcome of the day and are extremely grateful to being in charge of such a laid back, but important day for all of us.

Much love,

Julian and Clare


Chayim, Clara, Rajanae, Katie, and Cory eating ice cream on our free day!