IMG_2411Hello friends and family,

Dylan checking in. Today was our first free day, which was much needed after the last couple of action packed days. For breakfast, we enjoyed delicious scrambled eggs with chorizo, as well as some fresh bread. After breakfast, we headed back to the hostel to plan our Community Action Project. We brainstormed possible projects, using our knowledge from our visit yesterday. In the end, using a scale of one to four, we ranked our options based on feasibility, need, personal passion, and community engagement. Our current project list includes: constructing benches and tables, soccer posts, planting year round bougainvillea around the school’s perimeter, and donating a Nicaraguan flag for the school’s flag post. These decisions came after hours of passionate debate, and we are very happy with our outcome. We concluded the seminar and headed to el comedor for beef brisket, rice, steamed veggies, and frijoles.

IMG_2391And finally, after five busy days, we were released for our free time! Many glimpsers set off to call their parents (sorry family that didn’t receive calls, we love you). Some of us walked down Calle de la Calzada, Granada’s main street, to try their famous chocolate, smoothies, and enjoy the vibrant culture that engulfs the city. Our group also experienced the bustling market, beautiful backstreets, and historic landscape of the city on our journey to the church bell tower, the tallest building in Granada. While still under the shadow of the Mombacho volcano, this view was truly breathtaking and will remain vivid in our memories for years to come. To end our group’s free day, we headed down to the closed Cafe de las Sonrisas (from Aid and Development day), for private entry and permission to shop and relax on the giant hammock. We got back just in time to head down to el comedor for Gallo pinto, enchiladas, and salad. I just finished the nightly meeting, where I passed the torch to Liz for tomorrow’s fun day. I can’t speak for everyone, but today was an enjoyable day filled with freedom and responsibility. We truly enjoy each others company, and I am glad Global Glimpse brings such a diverse group together.IMG_2404

Miss you all and lots of love,

Dylan and the Global Glimpse Family

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