Good night families of my fellow Glimpsers,

Shenise here uploading yet another blog post on behalf of the second Estelí group. As you can probably tell from the title of this blog post, today was our first free day in Estelí and I have to admit that it was a bit tiring. Today everyone got to roam wherever they wanted (in groups of 4 of course). Some of the places that our various groups visited included the smoothie shop, the souvenir shop, the mall, and some of us even got to customize some bracelets from a local vendor so watch out for those when we return on the 24th.


Today was not like an ordinary day in Estelí. We weren’t tied down to a busy schedule and even got to wake up at 8, basically 10 for me in New York. We all got together and ate breakfast together at Buffet Estelí, exchanged our money, and then went about our separate ways. We got the freedom which we felt that we were lacking being in a foreign country and barely knowing the environment, but were able to regain it throughout the day. I can not specifically tell you about the where about of all your children throughout the day, but I can guarantee you that everyone is safe and had a great time today. I know that they all will tell you about their experiences the next time you get to speak to them. After a long day of roaming, everyone met back to the Hostal where we planed our third English Tutoring session which was executed about half an hour later. After another successful session, we then headed to Buffet Estelí for dinner then headed back to the hostal where we engaged in our usual Nightly Meeting.


Unfortunately , no one took pictures today so there aren’t any to upload but there were still some Thorns and Roses for the day. Some thorns mentioned today were the cat calls that some of us female received today when walking to our destinations, but again I guarantee you that EVERYONE IS SAFE! Another thorn being the language barrier that hindered many of us from ensuring that our English Tutoring students fully understood the content that we were trying to teach them. despite all of our thorns the group had many roses, from engaging in intriguing conversations with their tutoring students, to calling home, buying souvenirs, and even dancing to some Korean pop songs (Thuy), everyone enjoyed their day.

I hope you all enjoyed my post and stay tuned for our Education blog posts tomorrow when we get to wear our uniforms!

P. S. Mom, J, Neve, Eva, Aunty Mary, I love you guys and cant wait to see you all when I get back. J, I hope you have fun in Panama 😏see you when you come back and also tell K.A.S that I miss him and everyone at church. Please don’t forget to bring me some food, no Gallo Pinto though lol