What options do young people in San Juan De La Maguana have to spend their free time in comparison with the U.S?

The only way to deal with a unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” – Albert Camus

20150716_172310The way that I would interpret the quote of the day is that in order for you to live a positive life in a world where everywhere you go you may be judged you have to live life like there is no tomorrow, don’t be enslaved in your thoughts, be different , but at the same time make a change. In my opinion I feel like an act of rebellion can be as minor as a change of thought or even a change in perspective even that can make a big difference in one’s life. Hopefully this trip has had an positive impact for the other glimpsers because it sure has for me. In relation to this quote I believe that some people will take this experience and become more open minded and let their mind be free to believe that anything is possible and that you don’t need anyone’s approval to be your own person and be a leader.

20150716_172447Becoming a leader takes courage, compassion, and commitment. Being a leader does not mean that you have to talk down to everyone you come across. Yet instead it means that you aren’t afraid to be yourself, have a voice, and stand up for what you believe in. When I think of myself I think of a person who is very outspoken with a loud voice to go with it, but when I came on this trip I didn’t think I was ready to be the leader of the day. After the first leader went I realized that it wasn’t so bad after all and automatically thought to myself that I should’ve gave myself a challenge and chosen a day that was much sooner. I became anxious just waiting for my day to come and when it was time for Jonathan and Sadiya to, “pass the torch” as they would say I had no doubts about the challenge I had at hand. The first step to becoming “El Lider del dia” was me having to show a talent. The talent that I chose was my ability to draw in eyebrows which my roommate Mariah was more than happy to participate in.

Taking on the leadership role was not as easy as it seemed, but in my opinion I felt like I made it work. I was expected to keep the group together, keep track of time, and last but not least view the group from a different perspective. Today I had to make sure the construction crew along with the treasurer Amanda were on board and were getting the materials together with Fundeji for the C.A.P. Thanks to the help of one of the GG leaders Anthony, Fundeji and the construction crew established an agreement that they would give the money to Fundeji to go buy the materials themselves because overall they do know exactly what is needed for the project. Most of the glimpsers spent their free time calling home and getting their laundry ready. It was my role as the leader to make sure everyone was fine and following the new system we were going to use for the laundry payments.

Ana let us all spend time with her adorable puppy - Princesa

Ana let us all spend time with her adorable puppy – Princesa

This free day wasn’t anything like the previous one we were invited to the Mayor Hanoi Sanchez house by the ambassador Ana Sanchez which is her daughter. So that’s where we were headed immediately after lunch. I was told to let the glimpsers know that we were invited to use the pool. I was actually very surprised that she was kind enough to invite us being that she hasn’t been able to meet this delegation because she had been taking a summer class in the capital. In my opinion we all had fun and the ambassadors joined us as well. The group got to meet the Mayor and she was very kind and welcoming, she even said we could come back to her house if we were back in San Juan.

Looking back at the question of the day I would say that for New Yorkers specifically on our free time we honestly have a variety of things we can do such as go the park, the city, a pier, a gym/center and the list can go on. I feel like the teens In San Juan and people from the U.S have similar ways of spending their free time something as simple as going to a friend’s house or sitting on your friends stoop. One thing that I could say is that the teens in San Juan probably aren’t going to the beach as much because its’s far, but it’s also far in New York the only difference is that we have a variety of transportation. Overall I feel that no matter where you are from can always find a common interest.