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Happy Revolution Day! For those of you who don’t know, here on July 19 it’s revolution day. Lots of people went down to the capital of the country. Today is a Sunday and you know what that means ….. FREE DAY!!! How exciting, we get to explore the beautiful city that we are currently living in. We had breakfast at eight in the morning and afterwards we came back to the hostel. Before we could go out we had to clean our rooms because I mean, common we’ve been living here for two weeks. So that’s enough time for us to get out of our comfort zones. This leads to us not cleaning our beds and having a mess everywhere–you guys know the usual. Anyways, after that we were allowed to explore the city even more. Some of us (including myself) stayed at the hostel and showered or took a nap while others went to central park. The people who stayed at the hostel got bored so they went to the café. Sadly a lot of the places that let us make international calls were closed because of the holiday. We had lunch around twelve and after that we had even more free time. Others and I went to central park to get some cool souvenirs for our loved ones. It was really cool getting to bargain with the vendors. The other glimpsers went to get a haircut…you guys will know who when we get home!? The rest of the group stayed at the hostel and chilled. Overall it has been a good day, we all have been bonding with each other and practicing our Spanish. Isn’t it crazy that today makes two weeks since we got here?! I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. We were all quite awkward teenagers not knowing what to expect from this trip and now we all get along and we can’t be quiet. We are loving this city. Leon has done us right. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. See you all in fours days (:

xoxo Natalia Plancarte

P.S sorry for not adding any pictures today we weren’t really all together for photos.