Hey guys it’s Cici, I hate writing so please bare with me. Well to start off I was the leader of the day, I guess it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it being especially because it was Free Day and everyone just does their own thing. It was a very chill and relaxing day, it started off with waking up at 8:00 am which is not so fun but it’s better than waking up at 5 or 6 am. After we were all ready we headed out to breakfast at Buffet Esteli.

When everyone was done with their breakfast we headed back to the hostal where we had a short meeting to write our first draft letters to our donors who helped us pay for our trip to come to Nicaragua. After the short meeting some of the Glimpsers went out to meet with the 1st Esteli Delegation but some students just went out to do their own thing. As for myself I went to go meet up with the other group although I didn’t really know anybody except for my English teacher Ms.Kohl. I am glad that I got to see someone back from home because I am really starting to get more homesick as our departure date gets closer. Anyways I got to meet new people from the other group and it was pretty nice. While hanging out with the other group we went on a scavenger hunt which was fun because we all worked together but unfortunately¬†we didn’t win but it was still a great experience because I got to meet new people.

After meeting with the other group we headed back to the hostal and had a quick head count so we could all walk together to Buffet Esteli for lunch. Then some of headed back to the Hostal to just get some rest, after getting some rest Tara, Sam, Cameron and I walked to the Interent Cafe in the pouring rain so Tara and I could call home .(Thanks guys for coming with us). I got to call home and talk to my sissy boo who I miss sooooooooo much and my mom. Then we walked back and had dinner where we had a tradition Nicaraguanse plate which consisted of cabbage, yuca, carrots and pork skin.(I forgot what it’s called sorry) After dinner we had our nightly meeting which I lead and passed the leadership necklace to Nick. Anyways I am going to cut it hear sorry for the short blog. Thanks for reading and get ready for tomorrow’s blog on our first CAP day.

P.S. I love and miss you mom, dad, Itzel, and Samy. Can’t wait to see you guys please don’t forget to be at the airport on time. Oh and can’t wait to see how big Luna has gotten and my little baby Aylin.