FREE DAY! Today was extremely different from the previous days because we Glimpsers got to make our own schedule; for example, some Glimpsers went to Barista and others went to SN for some delicious Nicaraguan coffee. We were given an awesome privilege to be in groups of four or more without an instructor to explore Nicaragua more intimately and safely. We hiked to local convenient stores to buy goods, gifts, and gears; skipped to an awesome ice cream shop, Besame, for some scrumptious creamy delights; and further strengthened our Global Glimpse relationships. In light of this wonderful opportunity to explore Nicaragua, we had our second English class later in the day.

This was our second day we had with the students and had to maneuver around some obstacles. Unfortunately, the school’s lights weren’t working so we decided to remain persistent and use our skill of flexibility; we decided to move class outside and use the natural light from the sun to overcome this obstacle. This level of determination and sense of responsibility is what surprised me the most, knowing that we Glimpsers were mature and flexible enough to work with the challenge and successfully complete the task. witnessing the level of maturity and commitment of my fellow peers made me very proud to call myself a Glimpser

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