Today was our first free day! Since it´s still the first ten days of our trip, we couldn´t brave our new city on our own, we had to be attended by our Global Glimpse leaders. You might think that getting 20 high schoolers to all agree on one or two places to go at a time would be incredibly difficult, and normally, I´d agree. But this group of students work so amazingly well together that we were able to get through the day without argument or even the slightest complaint. After breakfast, we went to one of the many outdoor markets that Leon has to offer where we browsed stands of colorful trinkets, clothing, and any other tourist-y item you can imagine. Afterwards, we went to a French coffee shop and then the supermarket where we stocked up on all sorts of American treats and snacks. After lunch, the few of us that hadn´t already spent all our money on snacks and trinkets got to spend a little more at various other stores around Leon. Finally, we got ready for our English classes that took place earlier tonight. Here are a couple pictures from them!


I´d say that we´re all doing well with our classes, despite the language barrier for some of us. For the most part, our students are eager to learn and willing to do what it takes to become fluent English speakers.

For all you lovely parents reading the blog, don´t worry, we´re all doing well! The food is delicious, our fellow students are wonderful, and we are all having the time of our lives. It´s only day eight and I know it´s going to be hard to leave this beautiful city and all these amazing people. ¡Buenas noches!