Good evening SC1B familia and friends!

Hola! My name is Max and I am one of the students on the SC1B trip this summer! It is with great honor to say that I was the first student el lider de dia for my delegation. It is safe to say that being a leader is not as easy as it seems!

Different from previous days, today was our first free day! Free days are when there are no coordinated activities or guest speakers assigned for the day, and generally for glimpsers this day is used to regain energy after working hard to make a difference

As usual, our day began with a 7am wakeup call followed by breakfast served by the wonderful cooks of CONAMUCA. After students were able to enjoy their free time from 9am till lunch. During free time, glimpsers stayed at CONAMUCA playing volleyball with locals, tanning, and even washing laundry while listening to Beyoncé!

For lunch, we enjoyed a delicious meal also served by CONAMUCA with the following entrée and sides of pollo con crema, fried rice, and the amazing chewy arepitas. Mhmm! After lunch our fellow ambassadors came to visit us and challenge some of our glimpsers to a basketball game! Not only was there an ambassador vs glimpser game, but a girls vs boys game! After a sweaty game of determination and fun, the girls were the victors of the day as they beat the boys! Kareem was not happy! “That’s crazy!” as he’d say. But overall, everyone had a great time with eachother and got their ball on! After the game, glimpsers went to a local store and bought Dominican chips and soda, which they deeply loved.

We then came back home to a delicious meal for dinner after which we had the nightly meeting. Segen and Rosamaria showed us their awesome talent skills by spinning their hand on their stomach while tapping their head at the same time. LOL! Finally we closed out the night with big love and praised all the glimpsers for making the day an enjoyable and relaxing first free day!

The trip has already brought so much fun just after day five, and us glimpsers are so excited to see what the future has to hold while in San Cristobal.

Buenas Noches,