The third to last day of a wonderful experience with wonderful people was a free day. I was the leader of the day at first I was nervous because everyone who went before me modeled the job great, but after tonight nightly meeting it turned out I was just as successful.

The first wake up call was at 8am, after everyone was ready we went to breakfast. My fellow global glimpse had some delicious beans, sausage, and bread. After everyone ate our free time began. In order to properly enjoy our free day we had be in groups of four or more. M group of five started of our morning by going to Sopexxa to drink some coffee. When we found out they ran out of their delicious strawberry cheesecake we went to Don Collcho, another popular café! Next door there was a t shirt store that we checked then on our way back to the hostel we went to get paletas and did more souvenir shopping. For lunch we enjoyed a really good Peruvian dish in honor of the program coordinator, Debbie. After that the rest of the day was pretty chill. A few glimpsers and Axis program friends and myself gathered to watch a Netflix movie. For dinner we had Cuban sandwiches and my English tutoring group and I tutored English from 6-8 afterwards.