So today was a free day for us. It wasn’t a struggle to wake everybody today, the only problem was getting them dressed and on time.  Some kids decided to spend their money buying souvenirs for their loved ones while others went to the internet café to keep in touch with friends on social media. After we headed to a restaurant called Nativa for some delicious lunch and dessert. Most of us chose to head right back to the hostel in order to complete our letters for our supporters, while others chose to explore the city more .

Today was also the fifth English class. Teaching a new set of students was kind of a rocky transition since I already got used to my former students but it was something that I could handle. I had to step up my role as a leader today since things were a little confusing for me. At times I would daze off into my thoughts while talking to the students. I quickly got back into my train of thought. Overall the classes were a success and many people’s rose of the day.

This was actually my first time being leader of the day I wasn’t really nervous since I observed what other leaders of the day did. I took some of their mistakes and made sure not to do the same that they did. I need to be more observant with time because we were late heading to lunch. Towards the end of the day my energy got a little low and it really showed in my body language and facial expressions. Even though I may not be perfect I still thought I did a pretty good job at being leader of the day!