Hey Everyone! It’s Petra here, leader of the day on our last free day. After a long, tiring but fun and exhilarating day of volcano boarding, we had a much needed day for glimpsers to take things at their own pace. While many chose to spend the day relaxing in the hammocks or preparing for the fast-approaching departure, others shopped for last minute souvenirs or relaxed by the pool. The idea that we only have one more full day is both surprising and melancholic. We’ve had some amazing, rich, and vibrant experiences, mixed in with a few challenges both mental and physical. While most are excited to go home and see their family, I’m sure that everyone will miss this long, crazy and amazing experience we’ve had here in Leon, Nicaragua.

We started off this day with a wake-up call at 8.15, rather than the usual 7.00, making for an easier, more relaxed morning. We headed off to breakfast at the usual spot, Imabite, at 9.00 and then many got going with their free time at 10.00. In the hostel, glimpsers took much needed naps, washed clothes, started packing for our flight on Tuesday, and spent time with other students. Those who left the hostel did a variety of things throughout the beautiful city of Leon. I personally spent a few hours at the pool, relaxing after this crazy busy week. Some other people went shopping at the market or the stores in downtown for clothes and souvenirs to bring back. After lunch at Imabite and some more necessary free time, we headed to one of our final dinners in Leon, at Imabite. After dinner, the leaders surprised us with an open air bus ride throughout Leon and its outskirts. Though cramped, we had a lot of fun interacting with the locals and getting a new perspective on the  city. We ended the day with a nightly meeting and a small party for one of our glimpser’s (Vishaal) birthday. After our delicious cake, we ended the night with lights out at 10.30.

Excited for the future, and excited to reflect on this trip, we are all ready for what comes next. We can’t wait to see our families but know we will miss Leon. I know this trip has created a group of explorers and doers and I’m so excited to see everything that we can all achieve.