Today we had our free day. As our day began, we all had different choices in where to go, like souvenir stores, and ice cream shop, a discount store, etc. Some people decided to stay in the hostel, and others decided to go out and explore. Jacqui and I decided to stay in the hostel with some other people and we were hanging outside and playing with the children from the orphanage. As we spent our time with our Glimpsers, we got to know more about each other and about the children who lived in the hostel.

After that, we had lunch and we had more free time. We decided to go out with 11 of the Glimpsers. Along the way to our first stop, we saw many things like people staring at us, people greeting us, and helping us to pass the roads. Also, we saw a lot of poverty and trash everywhere. We went to many different places. Our first stop was a souvenir store, where we found things we can bring back home. The second stop was La Opera, where mostly all of us bought souvenirs for our loved ones.

After we were done, we headed to the park and chilled there for a while. We left not too long after we got there and went to Freddy’s Empanadas. The empanadas that I had were very delicious. I had never tried something like that. One of the Ambassadors told me to put ketchup on it, and I thought that was very weird, but ended up loving the taste. She was helping us out, and seemed like a mother to us, such as helping us pay for our food. Not long after, some people wanted ice cream, and Jacqui and I decided to stay and wait for them with other people. Later we all decided to go back to the hostel, and at first we felt like we were lost, but one of the other Glimpsers knew her way back and we followed her and we all made it back safe.

Our day went by too quick, and Jessica had a birthday, so we bought her a cake and made her a poster. Then later in the night, during the announcements, Miguel had bought her another cake. Overall, today was a good a memorable day.