Today, being a free day, we woke up at 7:00 in the morning which was refreshing after we have been waking up much earlier than that. Then, we went to breakfast at Buffet Estelí, and we ate once again the typical Gallo Pinto dish. Afterwards, everyone had free time from 9:00 to 11:45 so many of us bought souvenirs such as keychain, shirts, bags, bracelets, and some of us got Eskimo which is ice cream as well as snacks.
Unfortunately, it was raining throughout our adventures, but it didn’t stop us from going out. We then had lunch followed by a short English tutoring preparation since everyone already had planned most out for their classes. After preparations, we had free time once more. Some of us went to call our parents which was beautiful and reassuring to have heard their voices again. English tutoring was enjoyable as we taught our second to last class with people we connected with throughout this adventure. Dinner soon followed at 6:15 back at the Buffet Estelí although we had to eat at the entrance of the restaurant silently due to a meeting being held in the back. The food was as good as always.
Afterwards, we had a very short nightly meeting due that we were going to a SOCCER game! It was amazing to see Nicaragua versus Costa Rica in close range. We showed our support to magnificent Nicaragua through our shouts and clothing. Unfortunately, Nicaragua lost zero to one in the last minute of the game, but they gave an intense battle. We are very grateful to our GG Leaders for giving us such a cool experience.