Hola! Today’s leaders of the day were Christian Bradford and Christopher Orr. Today was a day that we got to call a “Free Day” this means that we got opportunity to explore more of the city Matagalpa and more time to relax.

The group that was lead by me, Christian, consisted of Brianna, Ezekiel, Diamond, Abigail, Shandiez, Christopher Phillips, Kirsten, Ellis, Journae, and Jorge. First we walk to the café to make phone calls home. Then we walked to an ice cream shop called “Kiss Me” around 12:15, unfortunately the shop did not open until 1:00 and we were kinda upset about it because there has been talk that it is the best ice cream in Nicaragua!!! Since we couldn’t have “Kiss Me” we settled for ice cream bars. After lunch  we had an hour to work on our CAP project for our presentations that take place tomorrow. As stated yesterday CAP is the Community Action Project that us Glimpsers work on together. As a whole we have finished our ideas for the murals and globe that we will paint and we are ready to present our ideas to the organization Familias Especiales tomorrow!

The group led by me, Christopher, consisted of Charles, Jazmin, Jasmine, Lauren, Destiny, Kayla, Sarah, Joyceline, Mariel, and Nicole. First we walked to the internet Café , where students got to log on to computers. Then students got to call parents. We then ran into a Nicaraguan Café, here students got to order different foods and the best Lemonade in Nicaragua. After lunch students prepared more for their English tutoring. In the English tutoring we learned many things from the students and got to explore what they like to do. Charles, Christopher P., Christopher O. and Sarah got to teach a English teacher from Nicaragua. His first Language is Spanish. We got to take pictures with the students, leaving a long lasting memory in both our lives. (pictures to come!)

Overall, today was a successful day, now it is time for us to prepare for one of the most difficult days we will endure  throughout this trip. We have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and prepare to work like a local, which means there will be a lot of hard labor!!

Special shout out to my roommate Ezekiel for waking me up every morning and shout out to Jazmine S. for helping  me with my Spanish when I need it!! This shout out came from Christian.

Shout out to Chris P. and Charles P. because we worked together during tutoring classes. Shout out to Nicole for joining our English tutoring group and helping translate words and help explaining the lessons. This shout out came from Christopher O.

Pinatas made at our Community Action Project (CAP) partner Familias Especiales

Beautiful sunset over Matagalpa