On the 15th of June we were given the option to have a free day. We were all very excited to have our first day to explore San Juan de la Maguana. We did not have a scheduled time to wake up so we all woke up at our own time. When everyone was awake, we all had breakfast together. At the table, we laughed with each other and shared jokes as we ate cereal and pineapple. All of the food we have been eating has been so delicious by the way. We all have been eating like queens ;). We then waited for the ambassadors to come at Onaney so they could be our chaperones in our free day. However, we ran into an issue and the ambassadors couldn’t get here on time so we all couldn’t split up into the groups we wanted to be. We all decided to go together to a cathedral that was near Onaney. The cathedral was called Catedral Metropolitana Basilica de San Juan Bautista. It was amazingly beautiful. There were walls and parts of the roof painted with stories from the Bible. One of the paintings that stood out to me was a painting of Adam and Eve. It was absolutely beautiful, it seemed as if all the paintings were painted by hand and I think they were. We then went to the top of the cathedral and we were able to see the whole city. Some of us were even able to write dates and names on top of the little dome that were important to us. We then went back to Onaney and ate lunch. After lunch, the ambassadors were here and we were able to split up and go to different places in the town. My group went to go eat ice cream first and then we went to the pharmacy to get some necessities we needed. We then came back and quickly got ready to go to English Tutoring. My class was a mess that day. Nicolette and I were trying to teach the 8-12 year olds about pronouns in English but we explained it wrong and the kids ended up getting more confused. I spent most of the time trying to explain and helping this one students who is such a cutie. After that, class was dismissed and we were going to head back to Onaney. As we were getting ready to leave, we got to meet other Glimpsers that were on the trip. I got to meet some of the people that were from my school and so did others. We then went to Onaney and ate dinner. When we finished dinner, they shut off our electricity and turned off the water so we could begin Living like a Local. Some of us, like me, slept on the floor in the hallway because the room was too humid. Surprisingly, I didn’t get bit by any mosquitoes. Probably cause I sprayed like 5 layers of bug spray and made everyone in the hallway start coughing. Whoops. We then had check ins with the Glimpsers that were still awake, like me again, and I talked about the loved ones that I miss from home.

Personal Note:

Mamí y papí los extraño muchísimo y pronto regresaré a casa. Papí, felíz dia de padres ya sabes que te amo mucho y cada día que estoy aquí, aprendo más de cómo tu has vivido. Yo sé los sacrificios que has tomado y me he dado cuenta todo lo que has sacrificado por nosotros, tus hijos. Ya les tengo regalos para cuando regrese. Los quiero mucho y extraño muchísmo tu comida mom. Quiero unas enchiladas verdes :(. Le dicen a Angie que la extraño y apenas encontré su otra nota y su cobijita. Casi lloré. Los amo mucho y falta otra semana hasta que regrese.

Con mucho amor, Monique <3