¡Saludos a todos! Today we had our very first free day, a day where we could relax and further explore the city of San Juan. For our very first free day we had the opportunity to sleep in until 9:30. Some of us slept in and others went on to go on an early morning run with Tony. For breakfast we had cereal and afterwards we all walked together towards the local monastery where we climbed to the top of the tower and took some amazing pictures. After the monastery, we came back to have a delicious lunch which consisted of fried chicken, hamburger, rice with garlic, and some fresh salad. Once lunch was over, we began to prepare to explore the city and thanks to our awesome Youth Ambassadors, we had an amazing time. We ate ice cream, went shopping, played a game of basketball with the locals, and watched a nice game of baseball. Despite not necessarily learning something new when compared to the other days, our group has certainly learned a lot about what life is like for a local and enjoyed experiencing what they have to offer. As this trip goes on, I cannot help but to feel happy as I slowly get closer with such an amazing, caring, and loving group. Until next time ¡Adios!