Today was free day. A day in which the glimpsers got to experience the day freely, LOL. Dionn Casanova and Hunter Campbell were the Leaders of the Day (LDDs), therefore we are typing this right now. Breakfast was a little different today; it was served buffet style so it went from 8:30-10am, but wakeup call was at 9. The LDDs have to wake up 30 mins before, Dionn couldn’t get out of bed too easily so he got up at 8:25 but everyone was already up. We had a little bit of time before lunch to finish planning our Community Action Project (CAP) which is finishing the basketball court in Rio Grande. Lunch was La Bandera Dominicana again which is a basic but delicious plate where the main piece is rice and beef. After lunch, a group of girls got their nails done by a local and they had a blast. A big group of hombres went to a local barber who lives in NY during the year but DR during the summer. Michael, Zack, Dionn, and Malachi just got blowout tapers. Hunter and Damian got full blown haircuts and Hunter looks like a new and fresh man. We had to actually wait to get haircuts because part of the town was in Siesta Time. This is when they close down shops to get some rest and/or run errands (we got ice cream).
The highlight of the day was when we got to the school where we teach English and the number of students was outstanding/mind-boggling/stressful. (They love us here in the DR and the Spanish Captains really did learn to step up). Hunter wanted me to include that I am wearing a tank top while writing this. While tutoring, we were actually thinking about Greenfield and the incredible adults we have in the building who helped make this trip possible. Big Shoutout to Ms. Patenaude and Ms. Kuhlka. This trip has been an eye-opening experience and we are beyond grateful for the opportunities given to us for us to be here. Everyone on the trip has a new perspective on life and value all the opportunities that our homeland gives us.

This is Hunter typing right now and I just wanted to say that everyone on this trip is amazing and parents should be so proud of the kids because the smiles the community has when your kids help out make this trip beyond worthwhile.

Dionn wants me to tell you that that even the shy kids get tossed into the mix because he will never allow someone to be left out, so if you are stressing at home.. don’t. We are all taking care of each other very well. We also can’t forget that we got to call home today and even though we only had 3 mins to talk, everyone was touched by hearing their family’s voices. Shout out to my dad Aaron Campbell for sending me to voicemail…. Still love you!!!

Dionn got to talk to his mother and he has never felt so relieved to hear her voice.

This is Dionn again and if you are reading this I love my whole family which includes Morgan.

Mom please tell the family I love them and tell toby that I will take him to the park when I get home. – Hunter

Mom please take care of my siblings and annoy them like I do. Dad stay strong, I’m coming back soon. Morgan, I love you and I’ll be back so soon as well. Love you all so much and I’m doing really good guys. – Dionn