Hi, this is Riley and Monica! We are the Leaders Del Dia today, our first FREE DAY.  It wasn’t the easiest of days to lead, since we didn’t have a strict schedule like the first few days.  During the morning, everyone got to sleep in later than usual, which some took advantage of, others went for a morning run in the local community. We all got to call home, which was some people’s highlight of the day. After a self-served breakfast and working on our CAP project, we got to explore Bonao.

We were able to experience the different flavors of ice cream and buy cheap soda and chips at the supermarket, amongst other things.  After going out, we strictly went to business. We taught English to our amazing students. It was their second class, which went even better than the first.  As an added bonus, we were joined by leaders from United.  Overall the day was very challenging, but it was very rewarding to be able to hold our glimpsers and ourselves to high expectations.