Today was our first free day!

We got to sleep in and have cereal today. We spent the morning playing games around the accommodation and generally enjoying some downtime. We spent the day creating closer bonds with each other and the local Global Glimpse Ambassadors. It’s remarkable how close we’ve become and it’s hard to believe it’s only been one week.

We spent the afternoon exploring some of the local sports around Bonao with local Global Glimpse ambassadors. Many of us bought snacks, souvenirs, ice cream, and enjoyed empanadas from Freddy’s Empanadas. We had a short nightly meeting today as we prepared to engage in living like a local day. We will be spending tomorrow with no electricity or running water. We will also be eating smaller portions as we will experience what it’s like to live off of two dollars a day. Until tomorrow, Glimpser fans.

Your B1A Delegation