Day 6: Today was considered a Free Day, where the Global Glimpse Family tours around the city of Chitre. Throughout the day I realized how close this Global Glimpse unit has become and the last five days and this has really brought us closer together. Today we were able to explore and get a better understanding on how it is to walk around a the city in a developing country. This program has personally really helped me grow as a person. When comparing the US and Panama, we take so many things for granted rather than being grateful for what is given. As I’m seeing this country develop, the way we do things back home is very different when experiencing the way Panamanians do them. For example, when interacting with some of the locals they’re all so loving and grateful for the little things that they have. I will never forget what one of the locals told me, “If you’re happy then everything is fine”. That really changed my perspective on not taking things for granted, but to be more loving and to spread my positivity wherever I am. The overall summary of today was that it was an eye opening experience showing me to be grateful for the little things we have because others have far less. I feel really good about helping the Panamanian community and making a change. I have the mindset of waking up every day with a purpose, including my family here with me in Panama.