Hello, my name is Jenny Urias and I was El Lider Del Dia on a free day! Everyone was so excited because it was the first time that the students could go out in groups without a GG Leader. The majority of the students choose not to sleep in because they were anxious to explore the small town of Jinotega . The day started out great, we all ate breakfast together then all talked about forming the groups and the locations we wished to visit. But before we all left, I reminded them that they must sign out and write specifically where they were going and with who.The first time period of free time passed and we all made it to the hostel on time for lunch. After lunch we all went our separate ways again and enjoyed the evening. I would honestly have to say that being Leader of the Day on a free day wasn’t as challenging as other students experienced it, but I did struggle with some things. For instance, I was worried not knowing where half the students where at and if they were safe. It wasn’t until the after noon that we all met up at the central park to play volleyball with some Nicaraguan students. It was a bit challenging when I would have to do head counts with 19 students who get distracted easily, but I would have to say that I gained a lot of confidence and patience. Being Leader of the Day on a Free Day was certainly entertaining. But at the end of the day DSCN9417we all had fun! 😀