Hello Families and Friends,

Today was free day; a day like no other. Unlike other days, there wasn’t a real main goal in mind. We weren’t climbing a giant mountain or taking a field trip to a local organization. Instead, today’s students were allowed to go out and about in the city of Guaranda. We were allowed to go to restaurants, internet cafes, and even supermarkets! Going out in groups of four, the students had to take responsibility into their own hands and look after each other. Knowing the restrictions throughout the day, no kids got sick from street food eating and other things that can put the students in danger. There were many activities going on with the groups – some of us were dancing and others were playing soccer. At the end of the day, everyone got back safely and had a joyful experience in Guaranda.


Hopefully for the next free day, more stores will be open (unlike today since it was Sunday). So for tomorrow, we hope that everyone has fun for Work Like a Local day.

Goodnight! – Michelle Vuong and Seamus Carr