Hello everyone!

Today was a free day for our crew so we didn’t have a lengthy itinerary, but what we did gain was an opportunity to bond in ways that we had never bonded before. We got the opportunity to explore Riobamba for extended amounts of time that helped develop our information about the community. My group had the opportunity to communicate with more locals and find out where they come from. In my experience as leader of the day, I found out that you are going to be faced with many obstacles from your peers that you don’t expect. For instance, everyone is not a morning person.

At the end of the day, we came together as a group to break down why we applied to the program and how we can make this experience even better. Everyone touched on the bases of wanting to find out more about someone else’s culture and being able to give long-term help to people in poverty.

Signing off from Riobamba,

Eryk B.