Today was a day filled with relaxation and bread. Most of our companions were awake before the wake up call (8:30), which was surprising and didn’t give us a hard time with being on time. As usual we had breakfast at Buffet Esteli, our plates that contain a flauta (Mexican dish of a tortilla fried with meat inside), salad and a few other foods. After breakfast our group was divided with Ena, Amanda, Angie, Clara, Gabriela, Elijah, Sierra, Morgan and Sophia going to finish the mural and the others having their first part of free time. It was an experience as always going on a hound to the school although Ena almost got left behind which would have been a terrifying experience. But she managed to get on the bus on time. At the school, the children were excited to see us again, although some were sad that the boys didn’t come with us. The mural was only missing a the top of the meadow themed wall and the tree at the front needed hand prints as leaves. The children enjoyed having their hands on the tree, even a teacher pressed her hand since she was going to be leaving the school soon. At last it was finished. One of the teachers gathered us into a classroom to give us a heartwarming speech. She told us about how she was overjoyed to have us in her school and being able to take back the idea of using cinder blocks as vases for flowers. The gave us an amazing surprising that had the students prepared a performance for us, traditional Nicaraguan dance, that was similar to folklorico (A Mexican dance that has the girls wearing skirts that can extend wider than their arms). After hugs and pictures with the students, we said our good byes and returned to our hostel by a public bus and taxis. We then had English tutoring prep time and free time right afterwards. We went to separate places including the bakery, the internet cafe and the super market. We then walked our way to our last English tutoring session. It was filled with joy and tears as we had to give farewells to our students. We had food and conversations with a mini talent show. Many of us exchanged contact information and social media hoping we can reunite in the future. Then, we had dinner at buffet Esteli and our daily nightly meeting right after.