Hey guys it is Maya Wharton coming to you live from Constanza! Today was another Free Day for the Glimpsers which was a nice treat before we start our CAP project. HOORAY!

Although it was a Free Day, we still had big responsibilities to take care of. The Economics team: Victory, Brandon and Josh, The Leader of the Day: myself and one of our Global Glimpse Leaders: Nicole took initiative and bought the supplies for the CAP project.

Considering the fact it was a Free Day, most of the students split up to enjoy their break. Some girls straightened their hair to switch up their normal appearances. Some group members went to a local ice cream shop, Bon, which is known as the best ice cream shop in Constanza. Other group members decided to get souvenirs for family members and friends back at home. Some people decided to have a girls versus boys’ basketball game. Overall everyone had a good day.

After free time, the Glimpsers taught their final English Class. This was not only our last class teaching, but it was also the last class this summer for our students. They have graduation on Friday so we all spent most of class preparing for our graduation ceremony. We ended English classes with a blast!

Today I believe the group learned that life is not just about working hard, it is also to enjoy and appreciate each moment. The value of life is to be present and grateful.

What I learned as Leader of the Day is the same concept. Life will have road bumps and you will get stressed, but it is not worth it to dwell on it. You should not let those toxic feelings consume you. Live thoughtfully, learn, and always be compassionate.

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