Today, I woke up at 7:45am to get ready and wake everyone up. Since it was free day, I wanted everyone to have a nice rest, so I adjusted the schedule to let them sleep in till 8:30. I knocked on every door at 8, and then 8:30am. We had breakfast at 9 at Alfreditos. We had the usual: beans, rice, and mashed potatos.  Right after, we walked back to the hostal to do laundry. I had everyone put there own clothes in a bag and label it with their names on it. The laundry lady came at 9:45am and then I gave everyone free time from 10am to 12:30pm. During free time, our group splitted off in groups of 4. Since its been more than 10 days in Esteli, we are able to roam around on our own without the GG leaders. I left in a group of 5: me, Josh, Andrew, Yoseph, and Ricky. It was pretty fun; we shopped around for a bit and then went to the internet cafe. At the cafe, we all just contacted our parents and then browsed on facebook for the rest of the time. At 12:30, we had lunch. It was a nice suprise because we had noodles instead of rice/beans.  Then, from 1-2pm, we had free time. First we went to the park to play groundies, but there were too many ppl, so we went back to the hostal to play mafia. Then was free time again, from 2-6pm. I hung out with Jeimy, Thao, Monica, Priya, Kyana, and Michelle. We just played card games the entire time with Ms. Minor. At 6, we had dinner. Then we had nightly meeting.

Being a leader was actually easier than I thought. It was probably bc I was leader for free day. It was super chill just telling everyone what to do. The only things I had a problem with were waking up in the morning to wake up ppl, and trying to get ppl to pay attention when I’m talking. Other than that, I had FUN.


The dudes at internet cafe

Internet cafe #2

I love u mom and dad. Miss you. <3