¡Hola desde Estelí, Nicaragua!

In honor of being el lider del dia, I get to write the blog today! Today we had a much needed free day after five days of discovering and exploring the culture, history and education of Nicaragua.

We started the day by waking up at 8:30 in the morning, which would be considered early if we were back at the states, but after waking up at 6:00 AM (some days even earlier) everyday, it was a great feeling being able to wake up at your own leisure.  Although it was “free day”, we were still able to emerge ourselves into the daily lives of the people in Estelí. We walked through the community visiting the cyber cafés, coffee houses, el supermercado (grocery store), and getting some froyo! When we weren’t roaming the streets of Estelí, or when things didn’t go our way, as many of the stores are closed on Sunday, we made the best of our time by bonding with one another by  singing karaoke, playing board games, dancing, having a photo shoot and even working out. It honestly feels that we’ve all known each other for weeks. However, the highlight of the day for the majority of us was being able to contact our family, and using WiFi. I don’t think I’ve been without WiFi for that long in my life, which is sad now that I think of it, LOL! Unfortunately, not everybody was able to speak with their loved ones, because they were unable to reach them, so just remember to pick up the phone even if it’s a number that’s out of area. On the plus side, there will be more free days for us to go to the cyber cafe to talk.

We ended our day by having our nightly meeting and reflecting on our day. We now are currently watching the Warriors game together in Español (Let’s go Dubs), and getting ready for bed. Sadly this post is not very long, but nonetheless we had a great day filled with laughs. For example, when we read Andy’s reply to the previous comment about Stephen wearing his shirt, we were all dying. Which brings to mind, please comment on the posts!! We always read out them out loud, and seeing the face of the person to which the comment is directed to is priceless.

Until tomorrow,

E1A <3

P.S, some messages from us glimpses:

Stephen: Yo Brittany, tell Leann to read my blog! And I love you too Andy hehe

Brianna: S/O to my sister, and I’m excited for being el lider del día tomorrow!

David: Mom, Dad, don’t forget to feed Arthur!

Jess: S/O to my mom, tell Jenny to tell Gabe and all of them to read AND COMMENT on the blogs to get me through every night! I love you all.

Claudia: S/O to my mom and my dad for reading this! Also for my boyfriend Jesus for caring and being concern about me I’m okay! I love all you guys and miss you so much!!!!!!!! <3

Kathy: Hi mom, dad, sissy, and  coco! I miss Asian food and sleeping with coco but my roommate, Jess, and new friends are cool hehe. s/o to Interact family have fun at prom this weekend and happy early b’day Sam love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) -KAT

Me: I love you Mom, Dad, Annie, Thy Phuong Jojo anh mac and maddie. I miss you guys hehe. Congrats Thy, and I’m so proud of you for graduating from UCSD, and to Maddie, feel better my poor bby 🙁

Elsa : Dad,teach mom how to use the blog haha I love and miss you guys!! 🙁 also pls  tell Carlos and serg I said hi && S/O to all the ahill peeps that commented sweet things (‘: big love to all you guys! Hehe

Lorenzo: Hello family, friends, and my bffl Tora, I hope you guys are all doing well without me in your everyday lives. I miss you guys mucho. I’ll be home before you guys know it. Hugs and kisses from me and my Nicaraguan family.

Ari: Mom and Dad, I love and miss you so much!