Free day is here! No matter what us glimpsers did — whether it’s going for a stroll downtown, going shopping at the local flower festival, or just catching up on some sleep — everyone managed to grow and learn more about each other in some way or another. We had an immense amount of fun along the way!

Some cool activities that we did today includes learning an all new card game called “13,” but from where I grew up we just called it “Chinese Poker.” We had all sorts of fun today at the pool too, from playing a perilous and panicking game of hot potato to experimenting with new makeup routines.

To mom and dad as well, I miss you both very much! I will keep you all updated the second I get to see you again. I love you both very much.

(and yes, the person who dropped his sunglasses the day before was indeed Felix lol)

–  Alex Dong, 06/11/2023