Hi! This is Joseanne! Today was a free day and our main focus was spending quality time and bonding with each other. Our question of the day is “What are things about this trip and about Dominican culture that we have appreciated the most so far?” Throughout the day, this question helped us relate to our lives back home.

In the morning, there was no wake-up call but as leaders of the day we still had to take the initiative and make sure everyone had their laundry out and ready before 9:30. After getting everyone organized, we made sure that everyone ate breakfast before 10:30. Once we had eaten, we spent time playing games, talking, bonding, and resting until 1:15 when we separated into two groups to explore Constanza. While exploring we went to get ice cream and snacks at our local supermarket and even got to play volleyball in the park. And we all got a chance to get closer with new people because of the free day!

Hi! This is Autumn and first off I want to say Hi MOM and HI DAD! I miss you guys so much and everyone else in the family. Being in Constanza has been an amazing experience. Learning their culture, eating the food and getting to know the community more. Today was very fun and like Joesanne said before, we had a free day and got to spend time with each other. It was great getting to know everyone in the group. We were able to go shopping and eat some good ice cream. I love it here and I am glad I took this opportunity to learn something new. Lastly, I can’t wait to share more of my experience with my friends and family. I LOVE YOU ALL but your girl is out here ๐Ÿ™‚ See you guys soon. Love Autumn.