Hi everyone, my name is Jazmin and today I was once again our group’s Leader Del Dia, and today was our long awaited Free Day! Just like the previous time, the group had ended up splitting into two smaller groups once again. One group had gone on a hike to Salto de La Estanzuela Waterfall, while the other group slept in. Since I had no plans of getting up early, I had instead found myself sleeping in and catching up any sleep I needed. Although not as exciting as other days, I found this day to be quite enjoyable.


Our day had consisted mainly of A LOT of walking, maybe even a little too much. But nonetheless, we were able to see so much more of Estelí than we normally do in a day. As for our meals, we decided to ditch Alfredito’s just for one day and instead try what the city had to offer. For breakfast we had gone to a nearby panaderia to get some sweet bread and to a smoothie place for a couple smoothies as well. After our light meal, we walked to central park and back to Tusa for any last minute souvenir shopping we had to do for the trip. What seemed to take up most of our day was most likely walking to the mall, which had taken maybe about 40 minutes to get there. Heading back, we stopped by the library just to take a quick look inside and then to the supermarket to buy any snacks. Instead of going out to eat for lunch, my group had instead decided on just eating some cup of noodles they had bought. After that, our group’s evening had pretty much ended with a movie, while we waited for the other group to arrive.


When the others had come back, most of the group had decided to go to the salon, so the girls could get a manicure and the boys a haircut. Once again, I decided to stay back and relax some more along with three other people. During that time, all we did was pretty much continue watching a movie and then playing some board games. After returning once again it turned out that the group’s day wasn’t over just yet, as they had plans to attend to a Zumba class before dinner. Same as before, a couple of us stayed behind and continued with what we’d been doing. Once the whole group had come together again, we all headed to a café a couple blocks down for dinner.