So after a long two weeks of nonstop activity, the students were given a day of free time on Sunday. Due to the interet being down I was not able to post on Sunday but I´m doing it now. In groups of four or more, most chose to explore the colorful city of Leon. Although it was Sunday and most of the stores were closed, everyone managed to figure out something to do. Some took the time to rest and others headed to the park to play soccer with the locals. For me and my friends, we agreed to go souvenir shopping for family and friends back at home. It was a refreshing experience to finally have a chance to act independently. We got to take time to really enjoy the scenery and the works of Nicaraguan artisans.
As for being leader of the day, it was a little intimidating but everyone was cooperative. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and especially being in a foreign country, it was a great experience to have.
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