Today was a really chill day. For breakfast we ate eggs with gallo pinto and fried banana. We came back to the hostel and began writing our thank you letters to the donors that made this trip possible for everyone. We then had four hours of free time to buy food, souvenirs, and just get to know Leon overall. My group was Uziel, Luis, Jorge, Christian, Aldo, and eddy. We first made our way to the main plaza to buy souvenirs for our family and friends. When we were done, we went to get some fresh Ray-Bans from a corner store. After that we went to buy some Burger King . We passed to the market to buy liters of coke for the rest of our trip and dropped it off at the hostel. At the hostel the group split up and Aldo. Jorge, Sujata and me went to the internet café to talk with our family and friends. We stayed there for an hour. We then came back to the hostel to meet everyone else and went to dinner. After dinner we had our nightly meeting and for tomorrows  day Uziel and Aldo will take the torch.  We had a speaker to talk to us and give us a tutorial of how it will be tomorrow. We will sleep early today because we will wake up at 5am tomorrow to hike the Cerro Negro.