Buenas! Today was out first free day of the trip 😀 We got an extra two and a half hours to sleep and woke up at 8:30. We had delicious watermelon and bananas along with cocoa pebbles for breakfast; yum! After breakfast we split into two groups (one for staying at the hostel and one for going to an internet café) and the group going out set off. For those of us who stayed in- Brian, Lily, Hannah, Jasmine, Taryn, Adelaide, and I – we had a talk about what we have been enjoying and talked about what to look forward to. We also played cards and just generally hung out. Once the outing group was back, we had fried pork, rice, and salad for lunch 🙂
After lunch, at about 2:00, we split into two groups of six and one group of seven and each went their own way. One group went to the internet café, one went to make phone calls, and another went to eat at Barista (a nearby café). In my group was Sarah, Jordyn, Jodie, Tristan, Taryn, and myself and we were attempting to find a music store and a movie store plus just general shopping. However, we got lost and ended up walking aimlessly for about two hours before we came back to the hostel to ask for directions haha! In the end, we found the movie store but not the music store and some of us bought movies to enjoy.
At about 5:00 we had a seminar on what was going to happen tomorrow (the dollar a day challenge) and then continued onto dinner. For dinner, we had rice and chicken kabobs accompanied by plantain chips which were definitely the crowd favorite! And as per usual, the nightly meeting was after dinner where I passed the torch of leadership to Brian 🙂
Quick shoutout to everyone who has been leaving comments, we’re reading them and they’re great!!! Keep em coming!