Today the Glimpsers started their day at a reasonable time of 7:30 am. There was plenty of time to get ready for breakfast, and the day ahead. Today was our second (and last) free day of the trip. When arriving at the Comedor, we had noticed that the tables were all set very nicely and there was food on the table, something that hasn’t ever happened before. The Comedor had given us a breakfast to remind us of home, cereal with toast and fruit.

The real fun began after breakfast when we headed out to Masaya. This wasn’t going to be like any other trip we’ve had before, we took the public transportation, the bus. What an adventure. We had arrived at the “bus stop” just in the nick of time. We boarded the bus and the ride began. There were at least two Glimpsers standing up on the ride to Masaya. The bus made plenty of stops on the way there. people were packed in tight for the bumpy road ahead. When arriving to our destination, the Masaya Market, we realized that we wanted to go to the Artisan market instead. So it was time to test our skills and ask for directions. We had a mission to accomplish and a time limit, find the artisan market, have time to look around, and make it back in time for lunch. The Glimpsers completed the mission! The Artisan Market turned out to have a verity of things. Every Glimpser bought at least two things at this market.

We had arrived back a bit late for lunch, but there was still the nice warm meal ready for us at the Comedor. After lunch it was free time! Glimpsers split off into groups and had the chance to go see some places for the last time before returning home. Some traveled to the La Merced and got to see a fantastic and beautiful view of the entire city. After free time was dinner and the Glimpsers had the chance to go out and eat some pizza from Tele Pizza which turned out to be a really nice place. After a long day the glimpsers had returned to rest.


P.S. Amelia let everyone know that I miss them and can’t wait to return home. -Angeles