YAY!! Free day número uno has arrived and gone. This was the first day that we were able to sleep in, which many people took advantage of. Breakfast at La Tortilla was at 8:30, and from there we all came back and got in a group circle and made a plan of what everyone wanted to do during their free time. Some people wanted to go to Mass and other wanted to go to the Internet cafe to call parents, we split up into two groups with one leader in each and at 10:00 am we went our separate ways. One group went to the boba shop, while everyone else went to mass. At noon we all met up again for lunch. Post-lunch we split up into two groups again, one group went to the Internet cafe to call their parents and other friends back home, and the other group went to the hardware store to survey prices for our CAP project, and a local bakery. We all met up again at around 4 o’clock, and half the group stayed at the hotel to console those who had emotional calls back home, while everyone else went to play basketball. At 5, we met curfew at the hotel and spent an hour discussing our CAP presentations in our groups. When we felt fairly confident in our speeches, we hung out until dinnertime. At the end of the night, we passed on our torch to Itzel and Marlo, and it was now their turn to be the power women :).