Hi family and friends,

It’s your leaders of the day, Adrian and Njata. Today was Free Day number 2!!! We woke up at 8, ate breakfast at 9 then had free time from 10 to 12. Many of the boys decided to treat themselves to a haircut from the local barber that works directly across the street from the orphanage. Everyone returned to the orphanage and enjoyed  a wonderful meal made by Licelot, the Global Glimpse cook. Then we had explore time again, but this time we had our Youth Ambassadors, making it a special experience for all the glimpsers.

Returning to the orphanage at 3:30, we started to prep for our English Tutoring with the Youth Ambassadors. This is a key part of being proficient teachers and having a lesson ready to go as soon as class begins. Then everyone started their English Tutoring, which lasted for 2 hours. Dinner followed at 7. After dinner, everyone gathered for the nightly meeting and reflected on their day speaking on the amazing experience of being able to explore the city of Bonao with their companions.

We felt that today was a very impactful experience in helping us understand the city of Bonao. We were able to explore the city both with and without Youth Ambassadors, giving us freedom to do what we wanted.

Shout out to my man Henry and the rest of the Youth Ambassadors for being awesome people. They are really cool and amazing people.