After the long two days of completing our CAP project for Ceramica Negra, we have been rewarded with another free day!  This day was also our final full day in Jinotega, as we will be heading for Managua tomorrow. Our day started off with our usual 7:30 wake up and a breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs with sausages. After, we separated into our groups, having a four hour and twenty minute free time before lunch. Many of us went to exchange the rest of our money we had left, as well as buying food for our food stashes to share with our families and friends when we return. After, we went to Sylvia’s, an ice cream parlor and bakery a few blocks down from our hotel. We all enjoyed our last moments of eating their ice cream and pastries, knowing that it will be our last day in Jinotega. Later, some of us returned to Soppexcca, a coffee/chocolate factory that we had visited on our Global Business Day. Many of us ordered their cafe helado, which is iced coffee with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top, as well as more coffee and chocolate bars to share back home. We eventually returned to our hotel, only to find out that we would not be having lunch there, but at a restaurant called El Tico, which was only about a five minute walk from our hotel. We were limited to four items and a glass of iced tea, so many of us agreed to get different items so that others would be able to taste them. The food options were a type of meat, which was fish, pork, and chicken, a side of either gallo pinto, rice, or mashed potatoes, a choice of salads and vegetables, and breaded chicken. Many of us really enjoyed the lunch. After, we headed back to our hotel and received our final drafts of our donor letters.  After our last dinner at our hostel, we had our usual nightly meeting, realizing it would be our last one in Jinotega. Much sadness filled the meeting, as we all promised to keep in contact and visit after our trip. Lastly, we had to prepare for our trip to Managua the following day, making sure we packed all of our luggage.