The second and final free day was a blast. We woke up later than the previous day, at 8:30. Everyone was just relaxing after the Work Like A Local day and eating another delicious breakfast in pajamas. After a calm and serene breakfast, groups of us went out to further explore the city, ate some delectable ice cream from Besame, got some well needed rest and relaxation, and got to know each other better. After everyone returned from their day trips, we ate a lunch of Nicaraguan style fish and chips with rice. After this enjoyable lunch, we had more free time and people enjoyed the last free day of the trip before we really get to work on our Community Action Project, CAP. Shoutout to Besame for providing delicious ice cream. After we returned from our afternoon free time, we had a seminar detailing our Letters of Appreciation for mentors and generous benefactors that have aided us on our journey. After we had written the rough drafts of our Letters of Appreciation, that are to be reviewed by Adelaide and Lauren. Once most of us had finished our letters, we enjoyed dinner before we had our daily nightly meeting. During our nightly meeting, I passed the torch to Hannah, we ended the nightly meeting and embraced our nightly free time before passing out around 10.