Hi everyone!

Today, Monday, August 12th, I was the Leader of the Day. Today was Free Day! The Glimpsers spent the day calling home to family and friends, trying baked goods such as crepes, and buying plenty of souvenirs! Many of the glimpsers who aren’t used to speaking Spanish were able to practice their Spanish at the Plaza Roja, which was the market. Many of the peers learned how to navigate through Ecuador with the help of the GG Leaders. What surprised me the most today was the Glimpsers ability to incorporate everyone into conversations. There weren’t any cliques in the groups and everyone stuck together.

Also, today we had English tutoring. Although many of us were nervous, we all did a great job and impacted our students. I am most proud of myself and my peers for adjusting to teaching people who aren’t very proficient in English. My peers were able to improvise their lesson plans to adjust the level of the students. Being Leader of the Day by myself was challenging, but I did learn that assertiveness is needed when more freedom is around.

Thanks for checking in and see you all tomorrow