Hello everyone, my name is Seena Muletta and I’m a senior from Berkeley High School. The day I was Lider del Dia was a free day and all of the Global Glimpsers took part in various activities. We woke up at 8 in the morning which is later than we have usually been waking up and breakfast was served at 9. We had pancakes for breakfast which almost everyone enjoyed and we had free time for the next 3 hours of the day. A large group of us spent this time exploring parts of the city which we had not been to and looking for soccer jerseys to buy. We went to all the different stores that sell jerseys and we ended up buying identical Neymar jerseys.
In the second part of the day we had our last English class in which most classes had a period where the global Glimpsers bonded with their students and shared contact info with them. There was a talent show after the class where a lot of the tutors and students shared some of their really cool talents. Before we left we had one final goodbye with all of our students where a lot of people got emotional because of the strong bonds that were made.