Question of the day: What do you still need to do on this trip to leave feeling proud?

Quote of the day: “It’s what you do in your free time that will set you free – or enslave you” – Jarod Kintz

Today we had our second free day and our last English Tutoring class. 🙁 Although our free day was a bit busy and stressful, everyone still had a good time. Our main priority for today was to get our supplies for our CAP Project, such as fencing, barbed wire, and nails. Faith took over by controlling the spending, and we ended up being under budget and having money to donate to the locals to put up extra barbed wire fencing! After purchasing the supplies we needed, we continued our free day and did some shopping.

Last day of English tutoring!

Preparing for the day.

This was the first time we were allowed to explore the beautiful city of Guaranda on our own. We went out in several groups of four or more people to finish off our shopping. We went to the bakery, several gift shops, and of course the internet cafe. Free time started at 11:30 am, and we were back at the hostel by 1:45 pm to head to lunch.

We love Ana!

For the second half of the day, we had English tutoring and unfortunately it was our last time teaching before our celebration tomorrow. Personally, my students were really sad and couldn’t believe it was our last time teaching them. I took a final picture of my students on my camera and polaroid.

The polaroid!

They really loved looking at the pictures and even wanted to take a picture with me and my teaching partner Jalynn. They even gave us some big, tight hugs on their way out, and it really touched my heart and made me realize that I had an impact on these students. My student Samay’s dad was even our tour guide for Chimborazo, and she was so excited to have seen me and Jalynn the day before.

We ended the day with dinner at La Estancia and then had our nightly meeting. To answer the question of the day, everyone expressed that they were excited to start the Community Action Project tomorrow and said that it’s definitely going to make them feel like they did something special and helpful here in Ecuador. Most of our days here in Guaranda have been exploring, besides the adobe brick making day, so everyone is very excited and prepared to really make a change here and leave knowing they did something great to help the community.

Wish us luck tomorrow!