Today was the second free day of the trip. Everyone was looking forward to this day all week. In the morning, a group of glimpsers went hiking up the Peace Mountain (Montana de la Paz) to see the view of Matagalpa where there’s also a large cross overseeing the city. The hike was about an hour and 45 minutes. The ones who didn’t go on the hike went souvenir shopping around Matagalpa and called their loved ones at a place where you can make international phone calls. Some of us made it to lunch on time… but others were 2 hours late due to the difficulties they had going up and down of the Peace Mountain. The hike took more time than expected. I, Hannah, left after lunch to go to a spa and get a massage. I, Ana, stayed at the hostel until the group got back from their hike. Everyone enjoyed their day even though there were some unexpected unpleasant events: some of us felt sick, some felt tired, and others got a little lost. Having a free day gives you time to adventure Matagalpa in your own ways and on your own time. Saying goodbye to the people we taught English to was bitter sweet. There was a talent show and then hugs before we left. Overall, today was an amazing day for everyone and we’re glad we got to be the leaders today.