Today I have learned a lot when it comes to Cordobas and U.S. Dollars. 1 U.S. dollar is 24 Cordobas. Before we went shopping today since we as a group we had to exchange our U.S. dollars into Cordobas. The prices of a lot of things looked very different here in Matagalpa, Nicaragua because the had a Cordoba sign next to a Dollar sign. I bought a good Latte Caramelo and it costed me 50 Cordobas. I was really surprised on how many Cordobas I spend compared to the amount of U.S. dollars I spend in the U.S. A grande cup of a Caramel Latte is $2 in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, but in the U.S. it costs $3.80. I also noticed that the whipped cream was home made and that the quality is way better in Matagalpa. I really believe that it’s better to receive something your money is worth. A lot of the stuff in Matagalpa are home made and priced. However, I believe that there is a huge quantity effect in the U.S. I think that in Mainstream coffee shops like Starbucks serves and sells a lot of coffee, lattes, frappacinos, etc. , but the quality is missing. Also, manufactures that make things like clothing, hammocks, and hand made souvenirs in the U.S. can’t compare to the type of compassion that people in Matagalpa have in creating these products. I feel it is better to support those who work for the money because it creates a satisfaction ripple affect. I believe that because I feel great knowing someone did a good hard job in creating my purchases and they are able to appreciate the Money they earned.Exchanging Currency in a small Atm room