Salutations people of the United States and worldwide! Today we awoke to the warm lights of the sun at eight o clock sharp. We ate our fill and relaxed for two hours. Afterwards we voyaged to the capital city of Santo Domingo. We spent the day in the colonial part of the city called El Conde. Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in this part of the city. We were welcomed by the remnants of Spanish colonialism and were surrounded by ancient buildings and of course the extreme heat. We walked into the bustling street of El Conde, where colorful vendors and objects could be seen anywhere and everywhere. We had the opportunity to purchase ice cream from Bon, chicken from Pollo Rey, and coffee from the café. We bought numerous souvenirs such as bags, cups, and other trinkets. We left around six o clock in our amazing air conditioned bus and returned back to our beautiful rancho that we have come to call home.

Tomorrow is our final full day in the DR where we reflect on all of the amazing things we have done in our journey. We will have a late start at eight o clock once more and we will do various activities, it will be our last time meeting with our wonderful ambassadors. We can’t wait to see all of you guys on Monday, you will have many gifts waiting for you at the airport!