Hey! This is Marcie and Sibo, the chillest LDDs (Leaders del Dia) ๐Ÿ™‚ Our day started off with a late wakeup time of 8:15 am (much needed after some very long days). We ate a light breakfast of crackers, chicken nuggets, oranges, tea, and coffee at Roma Santa. Thank you Isabel! After our lovely breakfast we finally broke out into our free day groups (the first time we were able to go out on our own) and explored areas such as La Plaza Roja, Cafe Paris, and various gift shops to search for souvenirs. On the way to lunch we ran into a group of goats, probably a soon to be meal. 🥘ย  At Roma Santa we ate shrimp, chicken wings, salad, rice, and guava juice. (Marcie also had elote). After lunch was exploring the city part 2. Finally we returned to Isabel’s and played a game of song association while waiting for the food. We had bolognese-style pasta, salad, and amazing tea that settled our stomachs. (Marcie had garbanzos with pesto in place of the pasta). When we got back to the hotel, we got our laundry back, (yay) quickly went through the nightly meeting and now people are getting ready for bed. Lights out 30 minutes earlier because tomorrow is CAP day 1 yipeee!

We out,

-Marcie and Sibo