Question of the Day: How do young people spend their time in Guaranda in comparison to the U.S.  ?

Quote of the day: The door to happiness opens outwards. Anyone who tries to push this door open, thereby causes it to close still more. – Soren Kierkegaard.

Hello Everyone! It’s Maritza and Yuvisela, your favorite Spanish speakers! Today was our second free day of our trip! The majority of the Glimpsers decided to spend their time talking to you guys, so you know what it is up! We all miss our family so much that we spent much of our free time talking in the Cabinas. We also took the time to buy you guys some sweet snacks, beautiful souvenirs, and the rest of the materials needed for our Community Action Project. Although our Program Coordinators, Stephanie and Camilo, had our free time planned out for us as 3 hours, our amazing Global Glimpse Leaders, Brittney, Brendan, and Carlos, made our day really flexible and fun, allowing us almost 3 extra hours of free time. We all took advantage of this time and made extra calls and went on our social medias. Although we missed social media and cell phones, we realized it was mostly because we missed talking to our friends and family.

We also made sure to enjoy our time just like Ecuadorians our age. They often spend their time having deep conversations, most of which can’t be spoken through a screen.  All of the Glimpsers noticed how they do not rely on their phones for entertainment, do not walk down the street with their earbuds plugged in, and instead share their moments laughing and talking in person. We tend to forget the value of enjoying the presence of others. However, throughout this trip, we have been appreciating the company of everybody and living in the moment. We all plan to take this way of life back home with us and share it with all of you.

Sadly, today was our last day of our English tutoring. In such a short amount of time, we have grown to love our students. The feeling is mutual since the kids gave us many gifts including: balloons, a cake, bracelets, and a lifetime full of memories. We are sad that this wonderful opportunity to interact with locals in Guaranda has come to an end. Though some of us were bummed, our day was made when Brittney and Brendan allowed us to experience a Father’s Day concert hosted at the corner of our hotel.  Although it was only for 20 minutes, our adrenaline was at a peak tonight. We all danced the night away and surprised the locals with our energy that even got us a special shout-out from the stage and a picture with Ms. Ecuador 2018. Overall, today was a very memorable day for the Glimpsers. We got the chance to experience the city of Guaranda in the eyes of a local.

Mucho Amor to our Global Glimpse leaders for making this day very special. Mucho Amor to Alexia, Meghan, and Nava for joining us to buy the paint for our Communit Action Project. Mucho Amor to Brandon for helping us serve and clean during our meals. Really Big Love to all of the Glimpsers for spreading so much positivity today.

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