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Hola friends and family members of E1C. As you all know, today was free day and it was much needed after two long and exhausting days of hard work on our CAP (Community Action Project). Wake-up call was at 6:30 AM which is actually later than normal. We walked over to Alfredito’s at 7:10 AM and ate breakfast. Guess what we had…You guessed right. We had gallo pinto with avocado, plantains, and a slice of bread with some pineapple flavored jelly. We went back to the hostel after our delicious breakfast and had a CAP debrief. We basically talked about our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a group. After our one-hour debrief, our free day finally began! We split up into groups of four or more and walked around the city. Some of us went to La Colonia while others went to Casa de Cultura, the Cyber Café, bracelet shopping, souvenir shopping, the barber shop, artisan shops, or any place that sold American food. We had to rendez-vous at Alfredito’s at 12:30 PM BUT IT WAS A GOOD DAY. Not only did we get free time for the whole day, Alfredito’s made burgers and fries for lunch. Our whole delegation was in awe, because we never would have thought that we’d be getting burgers and fries for lunch. Free time was continued after lunch. Some of us went back to the hostel to rest while others went out to meet with another delegation or hang out with their English students. Three and a half hours of free time was more than enough for me. I stayed at the hostel after lunch and took a much needed nap while listening to my iPod. We ate dinner around 6:30 PM which included gallo pinto, plantains, “salad” (it’s shredded cabbage with some tomatoes and onions), and an enchilada. We headed back to the hostel after dinner and ended our night with a nightly meeting. TWO MORE DAYS FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!