Hello everyone,

Today was the first day we got to wake up at 8:30 and it was great!!! We started the day off with eating breakfast at Nativa, and ate a corn meal tamale, a bowl of fruit, yogurt, and blackberry juice. After breakfast we worked on our Community Action Project (CAP) and created posters for our presentation to Carlos Garbay tomorrow.

After working on our CAP, we started off our first freeway haggling at Plaza Roja. Everyone got really cute clothes, ponchos, jackets, blankets, hats, bracelets, backpacks, stuffed alpacas, and scarves. After using our Spanish bargaining skills, we walked back to the hotel to drop off all of our stuff. Then we split up the group, each group going with a GGL to either Nativa, an Italian restaurant, or a steakhouse.

We ended our day going to English Tutoring, continuing work on our CAP presentations, eating dinner at Nativa, and playing cards until lights out. We love and miss you all very much.

Your LDDs,

– Diego, Andrea, and Cory