There’s a lot one could say about this trip—inspiring, adventurous, and even for some, courageous; all of which epitomizes my fellow group members. I, on the other hand, am the iconic friend in this amazing group. Emily Cardenas is the Chandler Bing of our delegation, known for my charismatic attitude and witty punch lines. If someone asked me a week ago to join them outside the cocoon of my safe, secure house, I would have laughed. I play life safe, but living with 20 strangers in a foreign country changes a person more than one would think; today was just the eye opening experience that the cinema seems to cheese up so much. The sky was gloomier than usual, but our group made the most of it because someone mentioned the word “wifi.” Since today’s theme was being “free’ of responsibility and trips, so everything was simple…but rejuvenating.

First, our wonderful group strategized how to perfectly collaborate all ideas into the needs of the community in our CAP project. We all had different and wonderful ideas molded into one. Super psyched!!! Breaking into two groups, we each spent time at the internet café, super market, and local “arteserias”. We bought souvenirs for our friends and family, from keychains to shirts to handcrafts (sorry for ruining the surprise!).


Shopping during free time at La Colonia, the local grocery store


We had a little time to shop today and saw these beautiful leather boots which are handmade by local artisans.









We regrouped and ate an amazing lunch. Baby corn, green beans, chicken (pasta for the veggies, don’t worry). After we had a free afternoon, which was so relaxing after such an amazing and hectic week. Our new “family” continued to grow; two and a half hours of emotional bonding and caring about each other.

Rain! After a beautiful sunny morning, the afternoon rained so hard, but we still made it to school.

We regrouped again, and with our English classes prepped and ready we went to the school for the second time. After leading some amazingly creative and engaging classes, our group reflected on how things went and what we could improve on. Speaking louder, having confidence in front of others, and stepping out of our comfort zones are all goals we are working towards.

Walking home, we stopped briefly at an open-windowed restaurant that was hosting a young woman’s birthday and sung her happy birthday in Spanish. It was funny and relieving that they laughed, clapped, and went along with it. After eating a deliciously exquisite dinner, we grouped to have our Nightly meeting. Smiles and laughter was shared all around even though we were “free” of our rigorous schedule. Our group grows fonder and fonder with one another as days pass on, but we forever will be impacted but what we’ve done and who we are.